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2023 Artciál International Piano Competition
San Francisco, CA, USA

The 2023 San Francisco Artciál International Piano Competition welcomes the participation of piano students and professional pianists of different ages from all over the world!

The 2023 Artciál International Music Competition and Festival is thrilled to announce that we will have an online competition this year from July 1-August 10. 

Applicants will submit unedited recordings of their repertoire and Jury members will review and discuss each performance. The final jury members will watch the finalists' performances in a live, webinar-like setting, which will also be available to the public. Winners will be selected based on cumulative scores assigned by each jury member.

The total prize for the 2022 competition will exceed $10000 USD!


The goal of the competition is for pianists of different cultures and ages. Explore and promote excellent and potential musicians to further provide opportunities for development. 


APPLICATIONS are currently open. The deadline to apply is June 30 and there is no age restriction for applicants. 

(The new application deadline has been extended to July 5th, 2022)


The 2022 AIPC International Jurys

Bernadene Blaha, USA

Yiyang Chen, China

Alan Chow, USA

Yongxiang Du, China

Michael Krikorian, USA

Hanbo Ma, USA

Yoshikazu Nagai, Jury Chair, USA

Feng Niu, China

Kyle Orth, USA

John Perry, USA

Manxi Wan, China


Jurys Bio click here.

Current or previous students of judges MAY enter the competition; however, the judges will not participate in voting his/her students if the students have studied with that jury in the past 2 years. 




Cash award

Full scholarships for the 2023 Artciál International Piano Festival

Full auditor scholarships for the 2022 Artciál International Piano Festival

Solo Recitals on the San Francisco Concert Hall, 2022-2023 session

Professional Categories Prizes and Awards, click here. 

Amateur Categories Prizes and Awards, click here. 



Professional Categories, click here

Amateur Categories, click here


Applicants must be submitted online here. 


A nonrefundable application fee is submitted in US dollars with the application. The video recordings of the preliminary round and final round should be submitted before the deadline. The video recordings should be of the highest possible quality to show the applicants’ best artistry. Only Solo repertoire will be accepted, and no chamber or concerto performance will be accepted. 



June 30th: Application Deadline

July 15th: Result Released for Professional Division Finalist

July 25th: Professional Division Final Round Video Deadline

                 Results Released for Amateur Division Prize Winners

Aug. 5th: Professional Division Final Round (Live Stream) 

                Result Released for Professional Division Prize Winner 

Aug. TBD: Winners Recital & Award Ceremony (Live Stream)


*Works may be recorded separately or in one take. 

*The total duration should not exceed the requirements.

*Video recordings should be of the highest possible quality to show your best artistry. 

*The performer’s hands, face, and feet must ve visible during the recording. 

*Uploading methods are included: YouTube, Bilibili, and Youku.


All works must be performed by memory.

The deadline for program changes is July 5th (Only accepted once). 

The decisions of the Competition Committee and the Competition jury are final in all matters. 

Official Regulations & Rules, click here.

For more questions,

Please contact: Artciál Arts and Music


APPLICATIONS are currently open. The deadline to apply is June 30 and there is no age restriction for applicants. 

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