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Megumi Maekawa -- Young Artists

2nd Prize, 17, Japan

Megumi Maekawa (Megumi Margaret Kenevan), daughter of an American father and a Japanese mother, was born and grew up in Tokyo, Japan. She graduated with high honors from the junior music academy affiliated with Japan’s Toho College of Music (2004-2019) and is currently a student at Futaba High School in Tokyo. Megumi studies piano under the primary tutelage of Yukio Yokoyama.


She has participated in several of Japan’s most well-known music festivals and has attended many master classes led by internationally renowned pianists such as Cyprien Katsaris, Andrzej Jasinski, Katsurako Mikami, Hibiki Tamura and Ayako Uehara. She recently won gold (high school division) and silver (solo artist division) medals in the 2021 Chopin International Piano Competition in Asia.​

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