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Terms and Conditions of
Artciál International Music Festival 

Terms and Conditions: 

1. All participants participate in the Art Festival on a voluntary basis. Upon submission of the application form, the applicant shall be deemed to have agreed to all the contents in the registration instructions and promised to perform them.

2. Students can choose 3-5 professors who are interested in teaching in the registration process. The organizing committee will try its best to satisfy each student's intention through the audition video, the registration information, and the schedule of the professor, and at least 2 of them will be appointed.

3. The festival is basically online mode, and some areas are the offline mode in this special year. Please adjust the video and audio equipment according to the instructions with us before the art festival starts.

4. During the festival, the organizing committee will record all masterclasses and share them with all students for permanent viewing. Students are NOT allowed to record any of the classes or lessons without the permission of the organizing committee and send or sell it to others. Once found, they will be held legally responsible.

5. Students are not allowed to be absent without reason, be late or leave early. If there is an emergency, please contact the manager/director of the festival as early as possible. If the student is more than 10 minutes late, the class will be canceled automatically and no make-up lesson will be given.

6. During the festival, all students should follow the management and class arrangement of the organizing committee and plan their time reasonably.

7. In case of force majeure during the festival, the organizing committee has the right to temporarily adjust the teaching time with professors.

8. The Artcial Organizing Committee reserves the right of final interpretation of these guidelines.

The organizing committee will publish the selected students on the official website and via email before June 7, 2022
Selected students are requested to complete their tuition payment within 5 days of receiving their acceptance letter (by June 12, 2022) to retain their place at the festival.



Refund Rules:

Basically, the student who has been selected may not claim a refund of all the fees paid for any reason. If you cannot attend the Festival on time due to objective reasons, you should follow the following rules:

If you apply for a refund before June 15, 2022 (inclusive), the amount of refund = X 50% of the total fee
Any refund filed after June 15, 2022, will not be equivalent to any refund or replacement fee.

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