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Yibing Zhang

Prize Winner of  2018 Frances Walton Competition 

Yibing Zhang is an experienced pianist with a passion for music and performing. He has established himself in the educational and professional music industries, building an active concert career and forming strong relationships with stakeholders, conductors, customers, and fellow musicians.

Yibing's musical journey began at the age of 3 when he started piano studies. Throughout his career, he has specialized in both classical and contemporary music, captivating audiences with his commanding performances that showcase a sense of pace, grandeur, and sentiment.

As a versatile pianist, Yibing has participated in numerous rehearsals, sight-reading sessions, and performances, both as a soloist and part of ensembles. He has showcased his talent in live events, recitals, recordings, and special functions, actively promoting his music through media dissemination. Yibing's dedication and skill have led to notable achievements, including winning the bronze medal in the China Central Television Cup Piano Competition and performing with renowned violinist Sheng Zhongguo at the Chinese National Center for Performing Arts. He has also performed with the China Philharmonic Orchestra.

Yibing has received recognition and accolades in various international competitions. He won the 2018 Frances Walton Competition in the United States and embarked on nearly 30 statewide tours in East Washington State. Additionally, he secured the first prize in the 2017 Dallas International Piano Competition, the silver medal in the 2017 International Keyboard Odyssiad Competition, the Discretionary Award in the 2017 Wideman International Piano Competition, and the silver medal in the 2015 Young Texas Artist Competition.

With his versatility and musical interpretation, Yibing excels in personalizing performances. He has a talent for transposing music between keys and styles, adapting to different needs. Yibing also has an eye for selecting prelude and postlude music, creating balanced programs that showcase various musical styles.

Throughout his career, Yibing has been honored with numerous awards and top placements, including the First Place Winner of the American Protégé International Competition of Romantic Music, the Winner of the Frances Walton Competition, the First Prize in the Dallas International Piano Competition, the silver medal in the International Keyboard Odyssiad & Festival, the Jury Discretionary Award in the Wideman International Piano Competition, the silver medal in the Young Texas Artist Competition, and the bronze medal in the China Central Television Cup Piano and Violin Competition.

Yibing's performances have been featured in prestigious festivals, events, and media appearances. He has also served as a special judge for the Rojas Performance Festival and has received coverage in various publications such as, Music Weekly Newspaper, Shenyang Evening News, Dallas Chinese Daily,, Fox4 News, People Newspapers,,, and more.

In addition to his performance career, Yibing has made significant contributions to the field of piano through academic achievements and journal articles. His articles have been published in renowned publications such as Art Panorama, Hebei Pictorial, Ming Ri Feng Shang, and Xin Yu Wen Yi, covering topics ranging from finger aerobics in piano performance to the adaptation and performance of classical compositions.

Yibing has also gained valuable experience as a judge in various music competitions, including the PMTA International Folk Festival Judging, the China-US International Youth Music Competition, the Junior Power China Competition, and the Performance Festival by Rojas School of Music.

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